Tanning Services

During the sunless winter days, our skin gets lighter and whiter causing us to lose that bronze shade we obtained from the hot summer rays. If you’re looking to maintain the luster of your tan all year round, come visit Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique in New Castle, PA today!

Our tanning salon is recognizably the best in all of New Castle. Reasons beyond compare, are due to our high standards for sanitation and safety for all of our clients. We ensure that all of our products and tanning systems are up-to-date, clean and abide to the safety conditions required for your health. Our tanning beds are well-maintained and always clean before you step in. They are inspected and scrubbed before you begin your session. We only want the best for our clients which is why we take these specifications into deep consideration

If you are interested in our tanning services, visit our women’s boutique at Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique today! We proudly cater to the residents of the New Castle, PA area.

Women’s Clothing


If you love fashion, but don’t have the budget to load up your closets with the finest clothing, we can help. Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique is a boutique stocked with beautiful women’s clothing. We provide quality items so you can look great without spending a fortune.

If you enjoy shopping, but are looking for a store that is more in your budget, stop by. All of our items are quality items and everything is new. No one will even know you snagged a deal off your beautiful luxury clothing and accessories.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional services for our customers and guarantee you will love what you find. Come visit our women’s boutique today and treat yourself. Whether you are looking for an affordable store we’ve got you covered. If you are interested in our women’s clothing, call Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique in New Castle, PA today!

Women’s Accessories

Jewelry has been around for centuries and here at Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique we sell some of the best handmade jewelry around. Our boutique has a wide selection of accessories to complete every outfit.

We understand the importance of finding the best and most beautiful piece of jewelry for any occasion. Whether it be a necklace to pair with your casual wear or a fancier piece to match your high end fashion. We have it all—all of our jewelry is unique and handcrafted. You are guaranteed to find something you love!

Stop by and see our selection of purses and women’s accessories today. If you are looking for quality jewelry, call Bronze Body Tanning & Boutique in New Castle, PA!



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